The Best Way to Wash Your Tights

Tights are lovely to wear during any season. An added bonus is that it doesn’t matter whether you wear petite, regular, tall or plus size tights (, they make you look thinner. The biggest problem is taking proper care of them. They’re not exactly cheap, so it is important that we make them last awhile. Washing them properly is one way to keep them in good condition.

Sorting Things Out

When doing laundry we always sort into lights, darks and colors. Tights come in many different colors and patterns these days too, even special sizes like petite, tall and plus size tights. Size is not the issue here, but what is important to remember is the basic principles of sorting. If you put nude-colored tights with black ones, the black dye is likely going to run onto your nude-colored tights and ruin them. This situation is completely avoidable by placing neutral-colored tights in one load, dark ones in another and brightly colored tights with other similarly colored ones.

The Detergent Does Matter

Fragrance-free detergents, baby shampoo or even mild dish detergent may all be used, but if you want the best care for your tights, use a cold water detergent for delicates. This detergent is specially formulated to safely wash all delicates, including tights.

Take Care, Prepare

That sounds a bit ominous, but all you really need to do is remove any jewelry that might snag your tights. Also beware of long or jagged fingernails. If you’re really worried, throw on a pair of gloves. Make sure your sink or wash basin is clean, and you’re ready.

washing your tightsWash On

Fill your sink with lukewarm water, and add about a capful of detergent. Swish the detergent around gently to mix it into the water. Then add your tights. Be careful not to overstuff your sink. Probably two or three pairs at a time are enough for one load. Gently turn them around a bit in the water to make sure they are thoroughly covered. Let them soak for about 30 minutes. After soaking them gently move them around in the water a bit more, then carefully lift your tights out of the way of the plug and drain, and empty the soapy water out of the sink. Place the plug firmly back into the drain and fill with cold water. Dip your tights in and out of the water to rinse the soap out. Do this a couple of times until the water runs clear. When you are satisfied all the soap is rinsed out, carefully pick up your tights one at a time and wring out the water. Don’t try to get out every drop by massively stretching your tights out of shape. Simply try to get the bulk of the water out.

Now that your petite, tall, regular and plus size tights are all nicely washed and happily snag-free, hang them up over a rack or in the shower to dry naturally.

Save Money Purchasing Compatible HP Ink Cartridges

Canon_PG-810_black_ink_cartridge recognizes the fact that Hewlett Packard is a well-known name. The company produces a great line of printers, computers, and other items commonly used in the home office or business office. HP produces a long list of HP Ink cartridges that produce text or color graphics. The company has a solid reputation for their ink cartridges that make the entire work produced look professional. Another pressing point is that the hp ink cartridges are also very expensive.

The average home office or small business office might require several cartridges per year. This is an enormous expense for a home office or a small business office. Spending several hundred on hp ink or several thousand on ink is not in their budget. Fortunately, there is one way to purchase an excellent line of cartridges at a deeply discounted price. A number of budget conscious shoppers are purchasing re-manufactured, compatible ink cartridges, or ink refills.

First, let’s take a look at re-manufactured cartridges. Shoppers are purchasing re-manufactured cartridges at to save hundreds or thousands on ink refills per year. The cartridges are certainly much cheaper than the brand name produced by the parent company. Often, the re-manufactured ink cartridge is up to 70 percent cheaper. This certainly will give the shopper more disposable income to purchase other office supplies. Purchasing re-manufactured ink cartridges is also contributing to saving the planet. Perfect for the office that follows the going green policy. Old cartridges are re-manufactured instead of ending up in a landfill.

Compatible cartridges are also available at Shoppers find that the price for the compatible cartridges is a deal that they cannot refuse. Shoppers often have questions concerning the compatible bargains. For example, they want to know about compatible cartridges origins. Well, those cartridges are not produced by the manufacturer of the original products. They are commonly produced by a third party that is not affiliated with the parent company. However, the compatible product is designed to match the parent companies quality specifications. stands behind the products. They guarantee that they are compatible.

HP ink cartridges are refilled using the highest standards at We believe that this is a very economical way to shop and to save the environment. Some dispose of half empty cartridges. The cartridges end up in landfills adding to pollution. Instead, we refill the cartridge using the (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturers Standards. We assure all customers that the refills are very dependable and produced with high quality standards.

An Inside Look at Remanufactured Printer Toner Cartridges


Every year, millions of used ink cartridges end up inside of a landfill. However, by purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges, consumers are starting to put an end to this problem.

The negative environmental impact that is caused by throwing away ink cartridges can be stopped. While helping to save the environment, consumers can also save money.

Printers and numerous other types of office equipment require ink and toner cartridges. gives their customers remanufactured printer toner cartridges. Many companies also collect empty cartridges.

What You Need to Know
There is a lot of information about remanufactured ink cartridges that consumers need to know; when remanufactured by a company like, ink and toner cartridges work well. Since this company has great quality control, every cartridge is guaranteed.

In many cases, remanufactured cartridges actually perform better than brand-new cartridges. The quality of printer toner cartridges from is guaranteed to match or exceed OEM products. Many business owners and consumers fear that remanufactured cartridges will damage their printer or copy machine.

Fortunately, such a belief is only a myth. Although it does happen, it’s very rare for a defective toner cartridge to cause damage to a printer or similar machine. The risk of a remanufactured cartridge damaging a printer or similar machine is the same as a new cartridge.

When choosing to use remanufactured ink cartridges, consumers are protected by legislation, which says manufacturers cannot void a warranty because a remanufactured cartridge was used.

How the Process Works

Many consumers wonder how ink and toner cartridges are remanufactured. First, used cartridges are disassembled, and every single part is properly inspected. Some of the crucial parts are the roller, wiper blade, corona wire assembly and drum.

If the manufacturer finds that any parts are defective or too worn, the parts will be replaced. After inspection, the cartridge is properly cleaned, filled with ink and put back together. A typical toner cartridge can be remanufactured a number of times.

How Consumers Save Money
One of the top reasons why consumers choose to buy remanufactured printer toner cartridges is because of the cost. Put simply, remanufactured ink cartridges save consumers money. When compared with new cartridges, a remanufactured cartridge can cost 30 to 50 percent less.

Small businesses that do a lot of printing can save a massive amount of money. It’s common for manufacturers to buy cartridges back or offer a credit. However, for the best selection and deals, is unmatched.

By purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges, consumers and business owners can save energy, conserve natural resources and contribute to proper recycling. specializes in compatible toner cartridges, and by purchasing one or more compatible ink cartridges, consumers can save a lot of money.

How To Come Up With Imaginative Christmas Invitations?

Although the Christmas is still months away, individuals are already beginning with their preparations to greet the Yuletide season. This is the time when the spirit of loving and giving fill the heart of every single person. This is absolutely true especially for the families who only get the chance to be in each other’s arms during The holiday season. And since it’s a holiday, numerous events are made out since several workers are off from work. This Christmas parties could be in the form of extravagant corporate gatherings or the simple family gathering. In preparing for the party, there are various steps you have to take and it making Christmas invitations is the first one. Leading the celebration, make sure that everything is well-laid out.

Christmas invitation is an extremely important part for Christmas Parties. With this, you can estimate the total number of your guests for the occasion. Also, this will serve as a guide for the guests in determining where the party will be placed and when it will start.

When it comes to inviting your guests for the party, you can do it in several ways such as giving them a call on their cell phones, sending them electronic cards on their emails, or do it the typical way like sending them with Christmas invites in stationery form. Many would opt for stationery Christmas invitations as they can keep it or gather many year after year. One can feel that his or her presence will be greatly valued because of the effort and the kind of message that a classic invitation brings. This can be viewed as valuable mementos. Surely, one can always look back to the experiences that they have throughout the party when they look at the invitations again.

When you decide to go for Christmas invitations, the following thing you have to consider is its design, which should be unique. If you think you can hardly find these designs in the market nowadays, you better think again. Just be creative and add some personal touch. Meaning, express what you feel about the upcoming celebration. You can save money if you do this. But if you prefer for much more ingenious masterpiece of design, better keep reading. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make the perfect x-mas party invitations, especially if you use a site like PaperStyle.

Liven it up with Info. Fine Christmas invitations should be finished with all the details . Such as the time and the location. Put in a sketch to serve as your visitors’ guide in going to the setting. RSVP is also advisable to include, for you to know if your guests can attend to or not.

Make It More Personalized. A personal touch speaking on your behalf is more alluring. In that way, you will be responsible as to what you want your invites to be like and be able to spend within your budget. Many people select eco-friendly materials and items, so make yours top it off. Yes, this is not easy to do but if you prepare it way ahead before the celebration, then it won’t be that stressful.

Choose an amazing Design. There are lots of designs flooding the internet so make use of them. A theme is also recommended so that your guests will have concepts on what to bring or to wear. Finally, never forget to use envelopes that match the design of the invitations.

Five Ways to Store Ornaments that Will Help Preserve Them

Christmas is over, and it’s time to take down the Christmas tree. Getting rid of the tree (or storing it if it is artificial) is easy enough, but what can be done to make sure that the expensive and treasured ornaments are kept safe? Here are 5 ways to store Christmas ornaments in a way that will leave them undamaged and ready to use next year.

Store Them in the Original Packing
If you managed to keep the packing material that the ornaments came in good condition, putting them back in their original packing may be your best bet at preserving them. Not only will you be able to have your ornaments accounted for, but most ornaments are bought in boxes. This will allow for a neater way to store them in the attic.

Plastic Storage Bins
If you didn’t keep your ornament boxes, plastic storage bins can be a good alternative. Storage bins come in various sizes and are constructed with hard durable plastic, so security of your Christmas ornaments and organizing space to store them shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, storage bins are waterproof, so your ornaments will remain dry in the event of a leak in the attic. For added security and preservation, add some shredded paper or Styrofoam popcorn to provide cushion for your ornaments.

Moving Boxes 
Moving Boxes can be used much like the storage bins as they too come in different sizes. Moving boxes are also easy to stack, so organization of your ornaments is a snap. Again, paper or Styrofoam can be used as extra protection. Used correctly, moving boxes can be as effective as a storage bin. A downside to this option is that moving boxes are not waterproof; therefore you run the risk of your ornaments of getting water damaged should a leak in the house occur.

Shoe Boxes
If you have smaller Christmas ornaments, using shoe boxes can be an excellent option for storing them. Shoe boxes can be just as effective as moving boxes, and as an added bonus, they can be stored in little corners of the house. This creates the advantage of keeping your ornaments in more temperate areas of the house versus the dankness of an attic or garage.

Plastic Grocery Bags
Plastic grocery bags should be considered a last resort if you have no money to buy bins or boxes. Plastic grocery bags can keep your ornaments protected and dry, however, organization of plastic bags can become sloppy. Also, some plastic bags are not very durable. One sharp edge of an ornament can cut open the entire bag, and then you’ll just be buying Christmas ornaments all over again next year.


Summer Cocktail Season and What to Consider

Summer cocktail season has rolled around once again. Have you found that perfect dress that is going to wow everyone this season? Do you have that great pair of shoes and all the other necessary accessories to pull of that great look? Have you picked out your hosiery? Yes hosiery should be worn even in the summer months with a cocktail dress. Take, for example, shaperwear hosiery by Spanx.

Hosiery is one of those items that can add polish to an outfit or make an outfit look totally wrong. For those reasons, women sometimes opt not to wear any. However with a little knowledge, picking the correct hosiery for your dress will seal on that wow look you want to achieve.

summer cocktail dressThe first thing to consider – believe it or not – is the type of shoe you will be wearing. Open toe or closed toe? If you are planning on an opened toe shoe, do not wear reinforced toe pantyhose. The seams from the hose will show throw the open toe shoes. This does not matter with closed toe shoes.

Another “don’t” to watch out for this summer is tights. They were great to wear all fall and winter seasons but now that it is hot, it is time to roll them away. Fall will be here before you know it and you can break them out once again.

It is pretty simple to guess that if you are wearing the infamous little black dress this season, you will want to wear black hosiery. Make sure to pick light-weight sheer black hosiery. No matter your size or shape, a women dressed in all black will look thinner and taller and sexier. Do not be afraid to go all black even in the summer.

Summer however, is a time of color and patterns as well. Depending on the color of the dress and the shoes will determine the color of the hose. If you are wearing white or pastel color shoes, then white hosiery will be more than appropriate. When all in doubt a light weight sheer hose for the summer will be just fine. Make sure that the color matches your skin tone and does not make your legs look to dark or give the appearance that you are wearing tights. Take time to get a profit fit as well. Too tight of hose will give you a muffin top and too lose will sag.

An Affordable Ink & Toner Cartridge Solution (Finally!)

56/365 - Counting stupid things

I recently went on a quest for affordable ink options–I was sick and tired of spending an arm and a leg on ink cartridges.

4inkjets has been making customer satisfaction its biggest priority for over a decade. Their way of doing business is what makes them one of the largest retailers of online printer supplies throughout the country. New or re-manufactured, cheap printer cartridges at 4inkjets is just the thing you need. As an eight-time winner of Bizrate’s Platinum Circle of Excellence for Customer Service award, consumers who purchase remanufactured cartridges never regret it.

The outrageous prices of new ink cartridges are why many consumers prefer re-manufactured cheap printer cartridges. Think about all the empty ink cartridges at the local landfill that could have been re-manufactured to be as good as new, and that is perhaps the best reason to choose a recycled product. Depending on how many printers you need to buy ink for, it is possible to save big money, and be earth friendly at the same time.

Not all cartridges are refillable, and of those that are, only about 20% are recycled. Empty ink cartridges may seem like a small thing to worry about for some, but when enough small things add up to millions of pounds, it’s definitely something to consider. Ink cartridges are not biodegradable, and contain residues harmful for the environment. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution, and recycle whenever you can. Returning used cartridges for recycling couldn’t be any easier. Just slip the used cartridge inside the return envelope and drop it in the mail. Help conserves the earth’s resources, and not waste them by choosing to recycle.

Beware of false claims, and know who you’re dealing with when you buy a cartridge that has been refilled. Many businesses out there may claim to have the best, but not so many are willing to back that up when something goes wrong. 4inkjets stands behind their products, new or re-manufactured, hence their excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. Visit and read what their long-time customers have to say.

The words “cheap printer cartridges” don’t mean less quality or quantity. They mean that you will get the same amount of ink as in a new cartridge, and of the same quality. The refill option is an efficient, financially sound way to keep your printer well stocked, and still have money for the rest of your office supplies and equipment. Your wisdom in choosing re-manufactured ink cartridges is really going to show when there is left-over money in the office supplies’ budget.

How to Get Ready For Holiday Guests

How to Get Ready for Holiday Guests

Christmas is the time of year where you spend with your family, bake Christmas cookies and other treats together, and gather around the tree to open presents. It is the time of year everyone is excited for, and who can blame them? Of course Christmas takes lots of planning and organization, so here are some simple tips to get you and your family ready for the upcoming Christmas season.

1. Make sure to plan ahead. If you are hosting this year’s Christmas party, it is best to plan ahead. You do not want to be scrambling around at the last minute figuring out what meal you are going to make or who is going to set up the Christmas tree. If you are in charge, make a list of everything you will need to make your Christmas party a huge success. Your party doesn’t have to be on a set schedule, but knowing when family and guests should arrive, when you plan on eating, and when you plan on opening gifts is ideal to avoid last minute chaos. xmas_opening_gifts

2. Clean up your house. Before you gather your Christmas decorations, it is best to clean your house to make it looking good and smelling clean. This can be a project the whole family can work on together to prepare the house for the holiday season. If you are vacuuming, have your kids dust the surfaces. Once your house is clean, you can begin to decorate your house. The ideal time to set up your Christmas decorations is early December to avoid stress, chaos, and aggravation. This is another family event that everyone will enjoy doing. To bring all the decorations together, place all your Christmas bedding and blankets on the backs of your couches. By doing this, family members can curl up underneath your holiday bedding as you open up presents and spend time together as a family.

3. Enjoy time together as a family. The dinner was a delicious success, the treats are eaten, and now everyone is relaxing together while listening to some Christmas music in the background. Family members are snuggled up under Christmas bedding and having a good time. Opening presents together as a family is wonderful as you are able to see the reactions to gifts you know someone really wanted. If you follow these tips, your Christmas party is sure to be a huge success.


A Baby Shower is a Wondrous Occasion

prepare for your baby shower

It is an important time in your life when you find out that you are going to have a baby. So many aspects of having a baby can be complicated, while others can be easier and simple. One of the key moments of having a baby for mothers and fathers alike would be the baby shower.

A baby shower can be a memorable experience for the mother to be and for guests. Many moms want their baby shower to be perfect where everyone has a great time, the food is excellent, the gifts are thoughtful, the baby shower invitations are cute, and hopefully the baby is happily resting. This sounds like a dream come true but in all honesty a baby shower involves a fair amount of work.

Throwing a baby shower usually starts with an invitation list for guests. Loved ones, and friends and family should be invited. The baby shower invitations should be beautifully done and with a unique twist pertaining to the couple having the baby, or maybe just the special new mommy.  Shopping at an online store for baby shower invitations gives you such a great change to find unique and special ideas for party themes and personal touches.

After sending out the invitations it is important to have all guests respond via RSVP by the date you set. Having your guests RSVP by a certain date is important because when throwing a baby shower you have to feed all your guests. Surprise guests at the last moment, while can be endearing, will often time present problematic planning issues, like not having enough food or seating.

If you are fortunate to be pregnant during the spring or fall months then plan your baby shower during these times. The mild weather in the spring and autumn seasons will make it easier to have your baby shower outside without inconveniencing the expecting mother with harsh weather or guests who are particularly sensitive to extremely high or low temperatures.

It is usually a good idea to have a set start and end time for your baby shower. While it is nice to converse and party with loved ones for long hours, many expecting mothers are in need of extra rest. Also, there is clean up time to consider. A baby shower will require clean up afterwards. If possible, delegate these jobs to friends and family members that are close to you on which you can depend. A great baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate life and welcome a new baby into the world.

Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas


The holiday season can get very hung up on the spending of money and putting up expensive holiday home decor and light displays that probably use enough electricity to power a whole town every evening. Why not make a change this year and go for a holiday season that is friendly to the environment rather than doing potential damage.

Light Up Your Life

The darker days of winter make Christmas the perfect time for light displays (for those in the northern hemisphere at least) but there is no need to spend a fortune lighting up the neighborhood.  If your Christmas home decor consists of a tree with many lights, remember to switch them off once everyone has gone to be. Instead of going for an ostentatious display of Santa’s and snowmen in your front yard why not make your own candles and burn them for a traditional feel and a more environmentally friendly style? You can melt down old candles in pan and dip wicks in to make new candles, or use beeswax from craft stalls to create your own candle shapes; far more classy and satisfying that a huge light display.

Get a Living Tree

Christmas trees that are alive with roots in a pot are a much more satisfying way to bring the outdoors inside; start with a fairly small one as they are likely to have better roots and with a bit of care you can have a tree that lives and grows with you. Give it plenty of water while it is inside as central heating can be too warm for them, and take it outside to a shady spot each year so it can flourish and grow for the future Christmases. If you don’t have the space to keep a full sized tree year round then grow dwarf versions in little pots and decorate them over the holiday season. This is far more satisfying than watching a tree gradually die as it sits in the corner of your living room with no way of gaining nutrients.

If you have no option other than a chopped down tree then at least make sure it goes to a recycling center after you have finished with it; there are usually services that will come and collect your old tree once the New Year has arrived and make sure that it is put to good use after you are done with it.

Personal Opinions Dominate the Real versus Fake Christmas Tree Debate

The debate between real or fake Christmas tree decor can spark a controversial christmas tree decorconversation. Regardless of a person’s preference, it seems that most people have strong opinions. Cost is always a factor to consider, especially during the holidays. The bottom line is that fake trees are less expensive than real trees. There is not much difference between the initial costs of the trees. The difference is how often you pay that cost. Buying a real tree is a yearly expense, while an artificial tree will last years with the proper care just like Christmas Tree Decorations.

In recent years, society has made an effort to live green. Proponents of real trees are convinced that they are more environmental friendly. They argue real trees are a renewable resource, with most farms replanting three trees for every one they cut down. As real trees decompose, they return nitrogen, carbon and nutrients back into the soil. Fake tree arguments hinge on the fact that they are recycled yearly without cutting down any trees. Although fake trees stay in landfills for years, the number remains low by using year after year. The ecological impact is a decrease in floods, mudslides, wildlife disturbances and other ecological factors.

Made in America has more significance today than at any time in recent years. Most real Christmas trees grow on American farms providing thousands of people with jobs. All revenue originating from the Christmas tree industry supports the United States economy. On the other hand, China mass produces approximately 85 percent of the artificial trees found in American homes. Tradition plays a significant role in the Christmas tree debate. The family trip to pick out the perfect tree together, the evergreen smell in the air and trimming it with sentimental Christmas Tree Decorations bring back fond memories of past holiday seasons.

Artificial trees gain the edge in speed and convenience. There is virtually no maintenance where as real trees require frequent watering. Evergreen trees are notorious for dropping pine needles beneath them. Stepping on pine needles barefooted poses the risk of going completely under the skin requiring a physician to remove it. Real trees require time to purchase them, maintain them and dispose of them. Fake trees simply go in and out of storage in a matter of minutes. People can save even more time by using fake trees that already have the Christmas Tree Decorations on them.

Be Careful with Your Ink Cartridges


It is wise to consider the ink cartridge when purchasing a new printer.

It is estimated that 7 billion people live on the Earth and of those billions 80 percent of the population use computers. The statistics further shows 40 percent of the population have computers in their homes. Since most computer-users print their own forms and documents it is logical to assure that printer ink cartridges are in high demand. Millions of ink cartridges are discarded annually. A home-based computer printer will normally have two separate replaceable ink cartridges. These cartridges are found inside the printer, one ink cartridge containing black ink and one cartridge for color. Most inkjet cartridges have electronic contacts and a microchip that interfaces with the printer.

Printer manufactures produce their own types of ink cartridges, so cartridges are not compatible with other manufactures. The physical design and the electrical schematic of each manufacturer’s printer cartridge are different. Printer cartridges from different manufactures may differ greatly since the cartridge head are unique to each manufacturer. Two common types of ink cartridge heads are: fixed head and disposable head.

The first cartridge head design is engineered for a built-in head to last the life of the printer so only the reservoir is replaceable. The fixed head printer cartridge has more precision and better quality. The cost of a fixed head cartridge printer is usually higher than disposable head cartridge printers. In the same manner fixed head printers cost more initially than disposable cartridge printers, but having to replace the cartridge and print head every time the cartridge is emptied can become a costly investment. When considering two cartridge replacements a purchaser of computer printers should evaluate both options: fixed or disposable head.

In the consideration that each printer requires two cartridges it is a wise choice to recycle inkjet cartridges, or use recycled printer cartridges. Another option to lowering the cost of ink cartridge replacements is to buy ink refill kits. Third-party ink suppliers are trying to make the above options accessible, but many printer manufacturers discourage customers from using third-party products and inks.

They warn that third-party products and inks can compromise the original manufacturer’s print head due to not being the same configuration as the original manufacturer’s specifications. The original manufacturer cautions of third-party cartridge’s causing leaks and producing inferior-quality output. Some inkjet manufacturers have prevented third-party cartridges and refillable ink from being used on their products by incorporating various systems including fitting microchips to the cartridges that can detect when the cartridge has run out of ink. In conclusion, when purchasing a new printer it is wise to consider the ink cartridge inside the printer.

Go to 4 inkjets to learn more about recycled ink cartridges.

What’s a Laser doing in My Printer?


Okay, I’ll admit that previously I didn’t know that much about printers. About after purchasing a new LaserJet one from HP, I decided to do my research. Along with learning more about its functionality, I looked into ink cartridges and toner.

This is a little bit of what I’ve learned.

Buying genuine HP LaserJet toner cartridges for your laser printer is a smart investment. Buying off-brand toner cartridges may seem like it is saving you more in the short run, but in the long run these cartridges can cost you more money. How do you know that off-brand toner cartridges are designed to factory specification? How do you know that the toner cartridges haven’t been previously used and just refilled? Buying cartridges such as these can increase your overall printer maintenance cost and it could void your warranty in case you ever need to call HP for service on your LaserJet.

HP LaserJet toner cartridges come in boxes with the official HP logo and the boxes also come embossed with a holographic seal that shows the user that they are getting a genuine HP product. Most HP printers have alerts either on the LCD display of the printer or on the desktop of a user’s computer that tell you when the printer is running low on toner or if there is another problem with the printer itself. When you use genuine HP LaserJet Toner Cartridges, you know that the alerts are legitimate. When you use non-genuine toner cartridges for your printer, it is possible that you will see false alerts on your screen in relation to toner levels and printer functionality.

Did you know that when you buy your HP branded laser toner, you are provided with envelopes that will help you mail back your used toner containers in an effort to save the environment? HP reconditions and refurbishes these toners to use inside of their printers while bringing up each and every specification of the cartridge back to the way it was when it originally left the factory. HP makes it easy to be eco-friendly. You can do your part by saving the earth by using genuine HP cartridges and utilizing their easy return process when the toner cartridges become empty.

Don’t get caught up buying other imitators products. When you buy an HP LaserJet printer, ensure that you only purchase genuine HP products in order to maintain the integrity of your device. Don’t risk buying cheap parts and accessories in order to save a quick buck because this can cost you a ton in maintenance fees down the road. When you run out of toner, make sure to follow the instructions HP has crafted for your specific model of printer in order to install the new toner cartridge properly.

I bought my HP LaserJet toner cartridges here and they were shipped right to my house! So convenient and affordable too!

Throw a Frightfully Fun Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween party this year? Don’t forget some of the key planning aspects so everything is organized and stress-free. With proper prep, this year’s Halloween party will be a hauntingly good time for all the guests as well as the devoted planner.

Halloween Party Invites

An invitation is the first thing you’re guests will see, so it needs to be done right. Nowadays, invites come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s no different for Halloween party invites from a shop like PaperStyle. Choose bold colors like orange, purple and emerald green. Or go spooky with simple black and white. You can add in motifs like spider webbings or toads to give an extra interest, and choose creepy fonts for extra flourish. Include all of the pertinent party info so guests have everything at the ready.

Spooky Decorations

To really get guests in the mood, you’re going to need some frightfully fearsome decorations. Fake cobwebs are a good place to start, as they are inexpensive and spread around a house easily. You can make faux tombstones out of cardboard and cut giant spiders out of black paper to stick on the wall. Keep lights dimmed and throw in some flickering candles, then top it off with a CD of eerie music and sound effects.


With all the fun guests will be having, they’re sure to be in need of some refreshments. Put together a simple menu that reflects the Halloween holiday and offers a bit of whimsy. Candies shaped like bugs or fingers are gruesomely good, and radishes carved into little eyeballs are sure to delight. You can go with orange and black colored candies and potato chips as well. And for drinks, put out punch in a witch’s cauldron. Throw in some dried ice for a smoky effect.


Costumes are a huge part of any Halloween party, and you should specify beforehand whether or not you want guests to attend in costume. If you really want people to get into it, you can even announce a costume contest and give out prizes for craziest, scariest and most creative costumes. You can also pick a costume theme, like superheroes, cartoon characters, or movie characters. Make sure to have a box of spare costume parts on hand, like witch hats, fairy wings and crowns, to give out in case anyone shows up sans costume and suddenly wants to participate.